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General Insurance & Legacy Consultancy

- Provided by your Trusted Advisor

Who We Are?

We are a General Insurance and Legacy Consultancy firm which consult individual and corporate in the areas of Hazard, Operational, Financial Risk and Legacy Consultancy. We help company to identify risk, quantify risk, and create viable risk management plans to mitigate hazard, operational and financial risk exposure.


We help individual and corporate to source and provide smooth implementation of solutions. We also provide employee benefits solutions, education and legacy planning for individual and corporate.. 


We are a dedicated team of experienced risk management professionals, each with an individual track record. Being a consultancy firm gives us greater “bargaining” power to negotiate for more cost-effective corporate and business solutions deals with our vendors.



Why choose BIP Associates?

  • Provide only advice in areas in which we have proven expertise.

  • Ensuring utmost confidentiality throughout the consulting process.

  • Provide independence advice through our network of hazard, operational and financial assesors and underwriters


We help you manage General Insurance and Legacy planning

with greater confidence.

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