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Financial Risk Consultancy


Most people are familiar with RISK for their personal home and automobile. This risk have financial implications to the company. This financial risks, while they may never occur, are so destructive that it makes sense to plan ahead and manage this risk.


As business owner, such financial risks can be identified and managed early before it happens. But most of the time, the business owner turn a blind eye hoping that nothing “bad” happens. Some business owners even believe that since their business is profitable with a positive cash flow they can take care of the disaster when it happens. Many have forgetten that if the business is not operating – there is no cash flow.


And in addition to the issue, if business owner pass on unexpectedly, how can the business continue financially, how to sell and cash out the market value of the share, at what price to sell -market or discounted price. If there is still loan owning to the bank how to write off the liability before is pass to the owner family.

Financial Risk Consultancy is nothing more than spreading and managing the financial risk for business owners in advance. 

Our areas of financial risk consultancy is

  1. Keyman Protection

  2. Buy-Sell Agreement

  3. Fair Market Value Retention

  4. Golden Handshake

  5. Creditor and Debitor Protection

  6. Asset protection

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