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Travel Solution


It’s crucial to ensure that when you travel, you’re protected by a comprehensive policy that covers you in the case of any adverse events. Considering the amount you pay for air tickets and tour packages for you and your family, and the amount stand to lose if something happens before or during the trip, saving on cheap travel insurance does seem “penny wise, pound foolish”.


Take for example, the Singaporean couple who paid $2,000 for a tour. One of them fell seriously ill during the trip and the couple had to be flown home. Because they had bought comprehensive travel insurance in Singapore, they were fully reimbursed for the overseas medical expenses, tour package cost and emergency air tickets home.


What if they did not buy travel solution?


They would have been saddled with a hefty $8,000 bill! We know because we helped them process the claim.

That is why more people are wising up to the need to buy travel insurance in Singapore, but with so many choices available, it can be challenging to work out which policy is adequate for your vacation.


Save the hassle of “shopping” around for the best travel insurance by contacting our professional advisors at BIP Associates. As an independent insurance agency in Singapore, we can offer you unbiased views of different insurance packages and help you find the best value for money policy that suits your vacation style. Besides, we tell you what is in the fine print.


What can be included in a policy:


Travel Inconveniences

  • Travel cancellation / postponement / curtailment

  • Flight delay / misconnection / overbooking

  • Baggage loss and delay

  • Loss of travel documents

  • Personal liability against third-party claims


Medical Expenses

  • Overseas medical expenses

  • Overseas hospitalization allowances

  • Overseas compassionate visit

  • Post-trip medical expenses in Singapore

  • Emergency medical evacuation

  • 24-hour medical assistance hotline

  • Repatriation


Personal Accident

  • Accidental death and permanent disablement

  • Double indemnity for road accidents while overseas



Contact us today about buying the best travel solution plan that offers great value, coverage and price.

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