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Motor Solution


For many people, a vehicle is one of the largest investments they’ll ever make and so it’s important to ensure your investment is well protected with the right kind of policy for your needs. It is wise to compare different car insurance packages to ensure you’re making an informed decision and get the best available coverage.


At BIP Associates in Singapore, you can speak directly with an independent risk management consultant who can explain the policy features and the fine print of each coverage option in terms you can understand. This personal advisory service is not available when you buy cheap car insurance or vehicle insurance policies online.


Take advantage of the optional NCD Protector


An optional extension for Singapore drivers is the No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector. Available at a small additional cost, it allows you to make a claim without losing your precious NCD status. This means you can still enjoy the continuing 50% discount at your next renewal. Find out more.


What can be covered in a car motor insurance plan:


  • 24/7 hotline for enquiries and claims servicing

  • 24/7 roadside assistance

  • Personal Accident cover

  • Medical expenses reimbursements for driver, passengers and the insured

  • Loss of personal belongings due to car break-in

  • Loss of use benefit for up to five days due to accident repairs

  • Unlimited protection for the insured against third-party liabilities for death or injuries

  • Protection against legal liabilities of passengers arising from negligence towards third parties


At BIP Associates, we make sure you are not under insured. We offer you the option to choose from a list of trusted approved workshops to ensure transparency and quality repairs.


Don’t just buy any cheap car insurance. Get a fair assessment of different insurance plans by working with our risk management consultant. 

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