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Legacy Consultancy
Legacy planning, on the other hand, is handled exclusively by an legacy planning consultant. While it is extremely common for financial planners, financial advisors and other financial professionals to recommend clients consult with an legacy planning a, they cannot offer legal advice regarding how to prepare for possible incapacity, nor can they draft the required legal documents.


Many people incorrectly assume that a financial planner is the only professional they need to see when it comes to protecting financial assets. Legacy planning consultant are necessary to ensure that one’s assets are properly organized and protected during lifetime, as well as to plan for incapacity and the proper distribution assets to beneficiaries following death. Failure to plan one’s estate can have dramatic and negative consequences. Horror stories abound of celebrities who have either failed to plan or inadequately planned their estates.  The result is an expensive, drawn-out, emotionally-charged battle among potential heirs, all of which could have been avoided through proper planning.


A sophisticated and experienced legacy planning consultant will look at every possible scenario and create a detailed estate plan that addresses what will happen should any of the scenarios occur. Good estate planning is about planning for as many “what if’s” as possible.  It is only through creating a lasting document that includes the many variables that exist in life, that there can be greater assurance that one’s wishes can be met and his or her estate smoothly administered.

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