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Hazard Solution


No enterprise can ever be completely risk-free. But a well-thought out hazard solution plan can substantially reduce company's exposure to a variety of risks and avert potential financial losses.

If you are a small or medium-sized business, failure to adequately insure your company’s property and assets against accidental physical loss or damage, or insure your employees against workplace injuries and accidents can greatly affect your bottom line and viability. The risk for third-party legal claims against defective products increases if you have global clients.


The experienced risk management consultants at BIP Associates are here to help you tailor-make a company policy that is both comprehensive and affordable.



Who should be insured?


Any SME in Singapore who cares about its profitability, employees and reputation. Whether you’re a large multinational or a small business operating at a singular location, a comprehensive policy is vital to the function and future viability of your enterprise.



What is covered in a comprehensive business insurance plan:


Our solutions for Singapore companies include benefits across a range of categories including:


Commercial liability solution

  • Accidental loss or damage to company property and assets, including stock, plant and machinery

  • Compensation for loss or damage to building caused by
    fire and extraneous perils

  • Loss of profits due to business interruption

  • Loss of money, either in transit or on premises

  • Loss or damage to property due to burglary

  • Loss or damage to goods in transit


General liability solution

  • Work injury compensation due to accidents, injuries and claims of negligence

  • Group Personal Accident cover for employees

  • Personal Accident cover for business owners, directors and partners

  • Product liability insurance

  • Protection against third-party claims


Product liability solution

  • Protection against third-party claims


Get even more benefits


Some SMEs choose to enhance their company insurance package by adding an optional employee benefits plan to attract and retain top talent. We also offer specialty insurance cover for childcare centres.


Risk proof your business today.

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